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Summary of the 2nd International Workshop: The Political Economy of Contested Territories

A group of interdisciplinary scholars from the arts, humanities, social sciences and sciences met in the University of York from 26 and 27 September 2019 to continue discussions on Contested Territories in Latin America.

The governance of public market spaces in Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte is one of the most important cities in Brazil, and it has a perceptible ‘culture of markets’.

Development, decolonisation, and territorial defense in the Xesiguan watershed, Guatemala

How do communities develop economic and livelihood alternatives centered on local values within a context of entrenched political hostility and imposed development?

Public Markets as Contested Territories: Urban Infrastructure and Social Reproduction in Mexico City

This blog builds on the idea that urban infrastructures “territorialise social life”, that is that these material forms condense complex relationships between state, capital, and people.

Associating from below: a tool for development

Sustainable tourism models like community-based tourism (CBT) are the new flagship used by multilateral institutions like the World Tourism Organisation to foster environmentally-friendly development in marginalised communities in the Global South.

Soroche: “dizzy” liberal land grabbing in Andean pastoralist territories.

Over the last five centuries, Andean rural territories have been progressively incorporated in the rhythms and scales of the market and the modern nation-state, albeit in different and often ambiguous ways.

1st International workshop on Contested Territories

Approximately 40 social science scholars and activists met in the School of Geography, University of Leeds from 20 and 21 May 2019 to discuss Contested Territories

Forum Theatre to romote active and reflexive dialogues

Forum Theatre to romote active and reflexive dialogues as a means of emancipation from neoliberal discourses. It has been said that natural resource manage is changing as part of neoliberal policies.

Commodity Frontiers: Capitalism and Contestation in the Countryside

This brief paper explores the potential and limits of the concept of ‘commodity frontiers’ to further develop the notion of ‘contested territories’ theoretically and methodologically.