Research network

1st International workshop on Contested Territories

Approximately 40 social science scholars and activists met in the School of Geography, University of Leeds from 20 and 21 May 2019 to discuss Contested Territories

Forum Theatre to romote active and reflexive dialogues

Forum Theatre to romote active and reflexive dialogues as a means of emancipation from neoliberal discourses. It has been said that natural resource manage is changing as part of neoliberal policies.

Commodity Frontiers: Capitalism and Contestation in the Countryside

This brief paper explores the potential and limits of the concept of ‘commodity frontiers’ to further develop the notion of ‘contested territories’ theoretically and methodologically.

Contested Energy Territories in the Post-carbon Transitions

Considerations from Two Cases of Wind-energy Production in Mexico and Italy.

Contested Territories in an Environmental Conflict

Extractive conflicts often entail conflicting knowledge claims which bring the lack of shared reality between protagonists sharply into focus.

Despolitizando las disputas del territorio.

Ciudad neoliberal y luchas urbanas por la vivienda en el Chile dictatorial. El caso de la Región Metropolitana de Santiago (1973-1989).