About Contested Territories

Contested Territories is a network of interdisciplinary scholars based in different universities in the UK and several Latin American countries. By framing our collaboration around the idea of Contested Territories, we aim at establishing a consciously open, interpretative and process-based approach on the production and appropriation of space and knowledge(s) in and through political contestation. This political contestation, we suggest, is a process of territory making. In this regard, territory making agents include, but are not limited to states, communities, extractive capital, regional and international development banks, among others. While clearly unequal in terms of power, the focus on territory making agents displaces a singular (Anglophone) focus on the territory making powers of the state and draws attention to the multiple sites, places and scales where claims over, rights to, and contestation of territory plays out.
Our research and collaboration tracks three principle thematic areas:
• Alternative knowledge(s): contesting epistemologies.
• The popular economy and informality: contesting the city.
• Extractivism and nature: contesting environments .

We have recently gained a collaboration grant of the White Rose University Consortium, which will allow us to develop a series of academic activities during 2019.