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Antonella Maria Eugenia Contin

Politecnico di Milano


Arquitecta (Politecnico di Milano, Facoltà di Architettura).
Doctora en Arquitectura y Diseño Urbano.
Antonella Contin Ph.D. Architecture is Assistant Professor in the School of Architecture and Society at the Politecnico di Milano. She is the Group Coordinator of the Laboratory Measures and Scales of the Contemporary City at Department of Architecture and Urban Studies. The Milan team MS[lab] is still exploring the world opened up by Foucault’s heterotopias of illusion, a new world of networked multitudes, new collective associations and individualities, formal and informal, whose urban future is uncertain and multi-dimensional. She is scientific and full organizational responsible of international seminars. She gives lectures at many international universities. In particular her research deals with Metropolitan Architecture Project, new sustainable model of the urban growth, smart sensitive city, new technologies and urban design mapping.



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