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Simone Tulumello



PhD, Università degli Studi di Palermo.
I am an assistant research professor at the University of Lisbon, Institute of Social Sciences and member of the coordination board of the PhD in Development Studies of the University of Lisbon. My visiting and appointments include: Fulbright Research Scholar at the University of Memphis (2016); Policy Fellow at the B. Hook Institute for Social Change of the University of Memphis (2016-2017); Visiting Scholar at DIST, Polytechnic of Turin (2019); and Senior Expert Evaluator at the 2019 edition of the Regiostars Awards (DG-REGIO, European Commission; 2019). My research interests span at the border between planning research, human geography and critical urban studies: urban security, fear and urban violence; housing policy; austerity and neoliberal urban policy; urban futures; Southern European and Southern US cities. My first monograph, Fear, Space and Urban Planning: A Critical Perspective from Southern Europe, was published in 2017 by Springer.


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